8th Dryade international druid camp - 2018

 Started in 2008, now for the 8th time Dryade organizes an international camp for bards, ovates and druids, and friends, which will take place in the Netherlands.




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18-21 May 2018

This camp will be open to participants from Friday 18 May 2018, 17.00 hrs.

The opening ceremony of this camp is scheduled for Friday evening at 21.00 hrs.
After that, we offer some wonderful days with ceremonies, a diversity of workshops, a market, Eisteddfodau, grove meetings, concerts, and more.

The number of participants to this camp is restricted to 140;
Registration is open from Samhuinn, 1st Nov. 2017.

update: 07-05-18: Booking for this camp is closed now!